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Welcome to Trinity Designs!   What is Graphic Design?

Imagine the mess on your potential customer’s desk.  Paper, pens, files, magazines, invoices. Where are the marketing materials you sent last week?  Logo.  Business card.  Brochure.  Letterhead.  Envelope.  Are they buried? Did they even make it to the desk?  Whatever your product or service you only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression.  Will your marketing materials rise to the occasion? Did you throw them together so you would have something to send out have a friend do something for you because they can "do graphic design" or hire a professional graphic designer?

You may offer a truly unique product or amazing customer service, but if your image doesn’t convey this, you may not have the chance to prove yourself.  Trinity Designs in Bloomington, Illinois understands the competitive world we live in and thrives on helping people create an image that will immediately convey the personality and professionalism of your company.  Professional graphic design is imperitive to your company's image, what your company communicates and your marketing desires.

Advertisement.  Billboard.  Presentation folder. 

Five seconds, waiting at a stoplight.  Your prospect sees your billboard.  Will they search for a pen or turn back to the light and wait, forgetting about your company before you even had a chance? A consistent, unique image defines and sets you apart from the competition. Maximize the return on your advertisement dollars by making a memorable impression, work with a professional graphic designer.

Sunday paper.  Will they flip past your advertisement without a lingering glance?

Trinity Designs takes the process of developing your logo and design work to a new level by creating a relationship with our customers, both in Illinois and throughout the entire United States. We can't help you realize your dream without understanding your dream, your business goals, the emotions you want the company image to evoke, and the personality you want your company to portray.

Trinity Designs is much more than a Graphic Design and Webscape Design company. We are a company here for you, to help you build your dream. We will help you create the tools to make things happen.


Main Entry: graphic design
Function: noun
Date: 1935

:The art or profession of using design elements (as typography and images) to convey
information or create an effect; also : a product of this art

the art or profession of visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to
convey information to an audience, esp. to produce a specific effect.

Source:Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Design Services Offered:
Business Card
Letterhead (business stationery)
Mailing Labels
Much, much more...
You think of it, we make it happen!


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